Last month we had the pleasure of creating a video that debuted at the BWC annual forum, a sold-out event that celebrates women in business and the circles of peers who support each other!

The BWC stands for The Business Women’s Circle. There are several circles that meet monthly around the twin cities, and each circle is totally different. BWC facilitators put together circles of women in various industries and stages of business who can hold each other accountable and be there for each other and to grow. It’s goal-setting, quarterly challenging, peer-to-peer mentoring with a whole lot of heart, and it’s made a huge difference in our business having Kylee be a BWC member.

Check out what other members have to say about the BWC in our video about the organization below!

Where there are women supporting each other in business and empowering new leaders along the way, that’s a wonderful place to be. Huge thanks to Lani Basa, Katie Kath, and the other brilliant facilitators of the BWC for making this a reality! Also thank you to the women who gave their time to appear in this video (credited), and to Steller Hair Co. for helping everyone look and feel camera-ready.