The Science Museum of Minnesota

Our work with The Science Museum of Minnesota began years ago when we collaborated on a little film series all about nanotechnology and set in the 1950’s.  Since the nano days, we’ve created more than a dozen educational short films and training films for the museum, several of which have gone on to play on the floors of Science Museums nationwide.  In addition to our educational filmmaking for the museum, Kylee also spoke on a 2012 science + filmmaking panel during a screening of Three Angry Scientists, which she directed.

Here are some of our favorite films for The Science Museum of Minnesota:


  • A comedic training film that outlines the do’s and don’ts of museum presenting
  • Satirical science served speed-dating style
  • Training curriculum

America’s Next Top Museum Presenter

  • A comedic short that demonstrates what it takes to be a good museum presenter
  • In the vein of America’s Next Top Model
  • Training curriculum

The Big Weather Experience

  • Informative overview of the Science Museum’s Big Weather Experience field trip package
  • Film-noir flare, using still photography and stylized graphics to tell the story
  • Advertising material


video – Commercial – Educational