There’s something about a new year that brings about fresh starts; starting over with a new mindset or in a new place, physically or mentally speaking.  For me it was this whole new website and all the resolutions I made about our work this year, but for you it might be starting over by staring down your problems head-on, or just starting over watching Breaking Bad from the beginning, it could really be anything.

It seems that the start of this year signified one thing only:

2016 is the year for starting over.



I always love our work with Sarah Edwards.  Not only is she one of Minneapolis’ premiere tastemakers and artist curators, she’s also deeply grounded, a good person, and throws a killer party.  She also has a wonderfully eclectic wardrobe that spills out into her living room!



Sarah found some pieces for our shoot that conveyed just the right message to kick things off in the new year.

8V8A4112 8V8A4092


8V8A4053 8V8A4069



8V8A3757 8V8A3781-2

Killing it,


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