Minne Mini Film Festival: The Disappearance of Prince Harry

Our latest short film took a new perspective for the Minne Mini Film Festival! This one runs just two minutes long, stars only animals, and was co-written + directed by our 9-year-old daughter, Lola.

Christian’s favorite part of this project was introducing the filmmaking process to Lola, who so eagerly soaked it up. And she got to see it all; from working with difficult talent and creating custom sound effects, to re-working the script midway through the edit, this project presented many of the real obstacles filmmakers face on a much larger scale when creating feature films. Lola’s favorite part was learning the editing, putting the story together with what they were able to capture over the length of their (many, many) shoot days with the cats. She discovered that working with real animals can be a zoo!

 This short film premiered at the Minne Mini Film Fest alongside dozens of films from around the world.

Lola and Christian host a screening at home for The Disappearance of Prince Harry

We’re thrilled of course that Lola’s showing interest in the family filmmaking trade, and will keep you posted when she’s nominated for her Oscar!