Doing Good with Food: NASHVILLE

Last summer Christian travelled to Nashville with two Minnesota-based non-profits, Chef Lucas Food and Massive Amounts of Good, to document their food truck event at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.  The event fed over 1,000 pediatric cancer patients and their families, nurses, doctors, and other hospital staff, and helped to further the collaborative mission of these organizations who are dedicated to doing good with food.

Christian was “honored to be a part of such a positive event and also to spend time in the recording studio documenting the creative process in action as the Chef Lucas Food theme song was being recorded”.

This project was an ultra low budget endeavor that made a massive impact – in the year since this production, Chef Lucas and MAOG have traveled to several other cities to host similar events and do even more GOOD for cancer patients and their families. Any time our work can contribute to an overall effort to help others, we’re GAME.
We hope you enjoy Doing Good with Food: NASHVILLE! 
For more of our work with Chef Lucas check out Showing Love With Food, a collaboration to help Twin Cities families facing cancer with meals from Local Crate.
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