When I first met Lindsey of Nourish Move Love back in 2015, I knew she was a dreamer. The kind of girl who speaks in visions of what could be, and who talks about her goals in vivid description — everything from what kind of following she wanted for her blog, to her hopes and dreams of someday being a mom.

I knew she was ambitious, but everyone is these days; seems like ambition is the easiest part about having a dream. I shot her last photo shoot of the year that December, and we kept in touch via GirlCreative and Instagram for the three seasons to follow.

Flash forward to November 2016. I am back in the studio shooting workout photos and videos with a pregnant and happy Lindsey, who has reached many of her goals both online and off. Buy a house? Check. Have a baby? Check. Feel good about the success of her blog and Instagram (at least on most days)? Check and check.

As we shot together several times over the course of her pregnancy, I got to see many of Lindsey’s dreams come to life in front of my lens

I knew Lindsey was a dreamer, but I learned she’s also a do-er.  By working alongside her creating photos and videos for her blog and social media, I was able to see firsthand how her hard work has paid off in a big way – and it’s no secret formula she’s using for her success.

Lindsey isn’t anyone special, although she knows I believe she’s an extraordinary human being: she’s successful because she works hard, sets goals for herself, and has remained consistent in her efforts to achieve them.  She truly puts her best into everything she does. If you don’t believe me, you should visit her blog and also her Instagram, where she’s more than quadrupled her following in just over a year!

For her collaboration with Spoon Optional soup on their #soupstache campaign

A new mommy stroller workout, coming soon to Nourish Move Love

Be a dream do-er. People talk all the time, and idea sharing has never been more prominent in our culture. But what the world needs right now isn’t great ideas: the world needs do-ers with focus who bring their dreams to life.

I love the different brands that Lindsey partners with — these lactation granola bars were basically the best bar I’ve ever eaten!

Lindsey is working steadily at her goals while balancing being a new mom and full time entrepreneur, and it’s been such a great experience helping her bring her vision to life in photos and videos — check out our video for her Ultimate Meal Prep Guide with Bed Bath and Beyond, below!

I’m so inspired by people like Lindsey, as I feel encouraged to reach higher in my own life when I see others crushing it in theirs.  If you want to chat about how to bring your dreams to life using visuals, Christian and I would love to hear from you!

To Dream-Doing,


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  1. Lindsey Bomgren - 5/25/2017

    You’re so sweet, thank you for sharing all these kind words about me! It’s been so fun to work with you guys over the past year. You’ve really helped me take my content to the next level allowing me to partner with the amazing brands that I get to work with! I can’t thank you both enough for all your support, including holding my sweet baby boy while we shoot in the studio! Thank you! xo-Lindsey

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