I tend to surround myself with other creatives, and I love having friends who are also photographers; we keep each other sharp and can jump right into a good creative conversation because we speak the same language.   Ever since launching GirlCreative I’ve gotten to meet so many great photogs in the city whose work I completely adore, but only one lady’s been my friend since day 1 – and by that I mean I’ve been friends with Rebecca Zenefski since pre-k!

We’ve travelled in and out of each other’s lives over the years, but we always seem to reconnect over photography. And when it’s time for new head shots for ourselves, we turn our coffee dates into photo shoots and capture each other’s best sides.


She tends to take some of my favorite photos I’ve ever had of myself, ones I feel that capture my true personality//




But wait!  This post isn’t supposed to be a novel about my bomb friendship with Rebecca that has only blossomed and grown over the past few years as life has given our personal and professional lives new storms each season (but what a book THAT will be!).  This is about head shots, having photos of yourself, and why it’s so important to update yours whether you have a friend who’s a photographer or not!

If you follow me on LinkedIn, maybe you’ve already read some of my thoughts on this issue via my article, The Art of a Great LinkedIn Headshot (and if you’re not on LinkedIn, WHYYY?!). I discuss why it’s so important to keep your headshot current for professional networking, but these tips translate in the social media universe, too; whether you’re updating your dating profile or Facebook page, launching a new idea or hosting an event — a great headshot can give you the confidence you need to really put yourself out there.

And like a good friend, a good photographer will make you feel at ease during your session, which is the tried-and-true way to get a natural expression from anyone.

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Let me be your friend the photographer!

 Now through June 2016 I’m offering special spring pricing on head shots, and I would love to see you in front of my lens.

Get in touch with me at kyleeandchristian@gmail.com.  I’ll make you look good!



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