Science Aficionados, TV Fans, People Waiting For Their ON SCREEN DEBUT – this one’s for you!

20-30 EXTRAS NEEDED for a film shoot at The Science Museum of Minnesota FRIDAY, MAY 18th from 9am-12pm. No speaking or part memorization necessary; 1980’s themed attire is encouraged but not required. Compensation outlined below.

Watch the films we produce for The Science Museum on Vimeo! 

ALL PARTICIPANTS will receive their name in the credits, plus a PASS good for admission any day at the Science Museum. Feel free to roam the exhibits after your big TV debut to make a day of it — this would be a great opportunity to check out the museum’s newest exhibit, Mental Health: Mind Matters!

CAN WE COUNT YOU IN?! Sign up here

Our films with the Science Museum of Minnesota are used as teaching tools worldwide and played on museum floors around the country. Here’s one of our longtime favorites to watch while you get ready for your closeup!


  1. Jason Jackson - 5/15/2018

    I am interested in this opportunity

  2. Angela Deeb - 5/16/2018

    My 11 year old son and I would love to come. Can you confirm? Then we’ll be there 👍

  3. Kylee - 5/16/2018

    Hey Jason we’d love to have you! If the timeframe works, sign up using this link —

  4. Kylee - 5/16/2018

    Hey Angela, that’s totally cool and we would love to have you! Let us know you’re both coming by signing up using this link:

  5. Carlos - 5/16/2018

    I would love to come.

  6. Emma Larson - 5/17/2018

    Hello! I signed up as a extra, it says it starts at 9, but the email says it’s scheduled from 8-11:30. What time should we arrive?

  7. Kylee - 5/17/2018

    Hey Emma! That is so weird. It starts at 9am and we’d love to see you there!! We’ll send out a reminder with the correct time, thanks for letting us know!

  8. Kylee - 5/17/2018

    We’d love to have you come! Fill out the sign-up on this link and we’ll see you there!

  9. Danielle - 5/17/2018

    What’s is the attire? Besides 1980s

  10. Kylee - 5/17/2018

    Great Q – casual daytime attire! General TV audience member is the vibe. I’ll send a note about that now!

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