For this year’s International Day of the Girl, our friend Maribeth released a beautiful short film about 5 young women who became leaders in STEM! The movie was made over a week in August, and we were hired to document two days of the experience.

We felt like kids in a candy shop; film production is our favorite thing and if our job for the day is to film other people doing theirs, SCORE!

We saw so many friendly faces in this film, including our friend Ethelind Belle and her beautiful family. Our daughter Lola even made an appearance! Maribeth only works with the kindest-hearted crew around, and by end of day one we felt like family — but perhaps that was due to the fact that we were filming on the Tangletown Family Farms?

And for day 2 we found ourselves transported into a timeless dance studio with loads of charm.

The film is called Spark Moments and it highlights 5 women in STEM at the moment they found their spark. Learn more about the inspiring SPARK series, and see even more photos from the shoot at!

Maribeth is a wonderful filmmaker and friend we met via Still Kickin, of course — they know the best people! Not only was this a great project to be a part of, there’s a strong female presence in the making of this series, being dual created by Maribeth Romslo and Cristina Pippa. This is a major win for us as equality’s one of our core values, we firmly believe we need MORE women in film & TV and we adore these women in film so much!

That link again for the ones in the back! — watch the short films with a girl in your life and watch her light up with inspiration!

If you like movies you’ll want to make a habit of swinging by this blog more often as we’re going to be sharing more of what we’re working on at Kylee and Christian (hint: more movies) AND what our intern is watching for movies this fall!

And thank you Maribeth for inviting us to be a part of your production — WE HAD A BLAST.

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